lunes, septiembre 26

Robots vengadores asesinos

Seoul to Build Combat Robot

By Reuben Staines
Staff Reporter

Concept sketches of the combat robot
Defense and communications technicians will team up to develop a mobile combat robot to fight alongside human soldiers on the battlefield, the government said Wednesday.

Officials heading the project said they have requested 33.4 billion won ($32.4 million) in funding between 2006 and 2011 to develop the horse-like robot for deployment.

According to design blueprints released during a meeting of science-related ministers, the robot will have six or eight extendable legs with wheels allowing it to move like an insect over uneven terrain.


Cada vez mas estamos mas cerca de que las batallas se libren en el espacio, o en su defecto en la cima de una montaña muy alta, nuestro objetivo esta claro, mantener estos robots

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