jueves, febrero 16

Comandos Linux

Sabes para que sirve el comando ptx? Pues muy facil:

ptx [options] [infiles] ptx -G [options] [infile [outfile] ]

Create a permuted index, including context, from the contents of the specified input files. If the input files are omitted, or are -, read from standard input. The results are written to standard output. In the second form, with the -G option, ptx behaves like the System V version rather than the GNU version; you specify only one input file, and you can also specify an output file. Because they show words in context, permuted indexes are often used in such places as bibliographic or medical databases, thesauruses, or web sites to aid in locating entries of interest.

Una lista completa de los comandos de linux, parece que no falta ninguno.

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